Dedicated to providing caffeine lovers across the North East with the best coffee possible, Pink Lane Coffee have earned themselves an enviable reputation as a go-to destination for the plethora of businesses situated on Pink Lane and the surrounding area.

With their striking sense of style and brew bars evocative of coffee alchemy, Pink Lane Coffee opened their doors in May 2012 and quickly earned an enviable reputation for themselves as a go-to destination for coffee devotees. With empty coffee sacks transformed into soft furnishings and old crates doubling up as coffee tables, Pink Lane’s urban-inspired, quirky atmosphere fits in well with the assortment of roof terraces, alfresco dining areas and trendy food and drink establishments clustered around the old cobbles of Pink Lane.

Pink Lane Coffee has become a real hub and serves as a convenient, informal meeting place for the people that live and work around Pink Lane. As co-owner Anth Atkinson explains, “A lot of our customers come back to us because of the quality of our coffee. It’s definitely what separates us from other coffee shops nearby”, adding that “we tend to have around five coffees on at any one time, two espressos and three filter coffees to give customers the chance to enjoy something different each time they come in.” Indeed, their extensive menu includes an espresso and slow bar menu, with two espresso options and up to four slow bar options on offer at any time. With free Wi-Fi and plenty of plug sockets for customers to take advantage of, the Pink Lane Coffee is open seven days a week from as early as 7.30am until 6pm on weekdays; it’s easy to see why this small independent business has cemented its place in the heart of the local community.

Their ethos and café culture is so much more than serving coffee here; Pink Lane go the extra mile for their customers by sourcing speciality roasts from across the UK alongside brewing beans from their own roaster: Colour Coffee. With artisan sandwiches and savoury snacks made on-site every day, supporting fellow small businesses is a high priority for Pink Lane Coffee as the company strive to use as much local produce as possible. All cakes and pastries are sourced locally; as is the Northumbrian Pedigree milk they serve. It’s little touches like this which make Pink Lane stand out – despite their size and close proximity to a number of well-known coffee shop chains nearby.  Testament to their quality and success, Pink Lane Coffee is regularly featured as a must-not-miss in local publications, as well as nationwide magazines such as Grazia, ShortList and even the UK edition of the Condé Nast Traveller. Its clear Pink Lane Coffee is a thriving North East success story where style and substance blend seamlessly – the company have recently opened their ‘little sister’ venue inside brand new gift shop and gallery Whosit and Whatsit on Newcastle’s historic Quayside alongside their roastery Colour Coffee in Corbridge.

Just a few short steps from the Project North East office, it’s easy to see why Pink Lane Coffee is a favourite most notably amongst some of the city’s SMEs in creative industries, many of whom work on Pink Lane home share an appreciation for this small business’ distinctive branding and cool café culture. So whether you find yourself in need of a strong espresso to kick-start your day or something softer to wind down before the commute home – follow your nose to Pink Lane – you won’t be disappointed.