Nicknamed “Silicon Alley” by the UK media; North East Workspace’s continued investment in superfast broadband for tenants, the company aids growth, expansion and productivity for businesses across the region…

Having been officially recognised as one of the top ten best “science-based incubator” programmes in the early 2000s and nicknamed the North East’s “Silicon Alley” by the UK media for their forward-thinking attitude towards new technology and start-ups; North East Workspace continue to invest heavily in small businesses over a decade later offering flexible easy-in, easy-out terms for their portfolio of offices available for rent along with a plethora of other benefits designed with small businesses in mind.

When it comes to viewing webpages, sending emails and downloading files only superfast will do in today’s fast-paced digital age, something which North East Workspace recognised early on, leading the company to install the first broadband connection in Newcastle city centre which small businesses could utilise and benefit from. Increasing business productivity tenfold, North East Workspace would later install superfast broadband as standard for their tenants.

A fast, reliable internet connection is crucial in the majority of business operations today as businesses across every industry rely heavily on broadband not just for email and web browsing but for things like phone systems, social media platforms and hosting meetings via Skype or sending large files to customers. The value social media platforms have in terms of marketing, building brand awareness and customer service mean superfast, reliable internet access is a priority to businesses, but one that can come at a price. It isn’t uncommon for affordable broadband packages to offer download speeds of up to 3Mbs, whilst a more expensive connection could offer upward of 150Mbs, around fifty times faster. Boasting upload speeds of 100Mb and more if required by tenants, North East Workspace tenants get to enjoy affordable broadband and benefit from a superfast connection.

Specialising in the conversion and management of historical buildings in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East Workspace offer businesses the best of both worlds: the opportunity to work in some of the city’s most iconic heritage buildings in conveniently located surroundings without compromising on essentials such as a superfast internet connection, local IT support such as linking all office computers to a group network and pre-installed internet and telephone lines in keeping with the buildings’ often protected grade listed status.

Counting a wide range of businesses, mostly creative with strong IT links such as global music production service, award-winning ecommerce web developers Visualsoft and pioneering mobile app developers Gospelware amongst their long term tenants, the North East continues to live up to its “Silicon Alley” nickname thanks to North East Workspace’s continued investment in affordable solutions for local businesses to help them thrive.