Julie began working at Design Works in 1996 as a part time receptionist. As Lee and Faye were the most important people in her life she only worked school term time. As the children grew up she began to increase her hours and moved from reception to sales.

In those days, Design Works was also an Exhibition Centre and Julie’s coolness in the face of 1000 visitors a day was legendary.

In 2005, she became the 5th Manager of Design Works, a position she filled with authority.

Deaths a point at which you look back at someone’s life and try to remember what they have been good at. The following spring to mind.

  • A great mother.
  • David Beckham’s No 1 fan.
  • Great at handling those difficult middle-aged men including Richard Clark.
  • Liked her haircuts, and a good night out with a glass of wine or two.
  • Immaculate files.
  • Cool under pressure.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends.